NEMA Tamper Resistant Power Outlet

NEMA power Outlet 15AQualtek has introduced part number 739W-X2/45, a 15A NEMA 5-15R tamper resistant convenience outlet.  The tamper resistant system features a built-in shutter system which prevents foreign objects from touching electrically live components when they’re inserted into the slots, but plugs can be inserted and removed just as with standard electrical outlets. This outlet has been designed with a quick snap-in mounting configuration, and will work with panel thicknesses from 0.8mm to 2.0mm.  739W-X2/45 utilizes the same panel cutout as our popular 739W-X2/03 NEMA 5-15R outlet, so for existing applications this outlet can drop into place. Insulation displacement connections (IDC), eliminate the need for special tools, and are designed to be used with 14AWG solid copper conductors.

The current capacity of this outlet is up to 15A at 125VAC, and is rated under the Component Recognition Program of Underwrites Laboratories, File No. E139605.

Part number 739W-X2/45 is currently being stocked by Qualtek.

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