24V Input 200 Wattage Eighth Brick DC/DC Power Module


Cosel Co. Ltd. has announced that they launched 24V input DC/DC eighth brick power module of CHS30024. The CHS30024 is isolated type DC/DC power module of rated approximately 200 wattage with high efficiency.

Cosel has applied digital assist control by microprocessor and unique synchronous rectification circuit in order to make power supply higher power density and higher efficiency at smaller size. The CHS30024 has achieved high efficiency up to 93.5%. CHS30024 has double power density of Cosel’s CES series of 100W.

The CHS30024 is available in output voltages of 5, 12 and 15VDC. Remote on/off control is standard and input-output isolation is DC2,250V which meets I.EEE802.3.

The CHS30024 operates on input voltages of 18 to 36 VDC. The CHS30024 can operate can up to 85°C with derating and down to -40°C. The CHS30024 is standard with built-in overcurrent protection, over voltage protection and thermal protection at automatic recovery mode.

Safety approvals include UL60950-1, C-UL, EN60950-1. The CHS30024 is also RoHS compliant. The CHS30024 has 5 year warranty and high reliability. Optional 5 pins, long pin, remote on/off positive logic control and base plate are available.


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