SANYO DENKI Releases ø225x99m Centrifugal Fan

SANYO DENKI Releases ø225 mm x 99 mm Centrifugal Fan
Industry’s leading airflow, static pressure, noise,
and energy efficiency performance

SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. has developed and launched the San Ace C225 ø225 mm x 99 mm centrifugal fan. It features the industry’s highest airflow, static pressure, and energy efficiency, and lowest noise level. *1
It is suitable for ICT equipment, heat exchangers, large-scale energy storage systems, PV inverters, and air curtains.


1.High Airflow and Static Pressure
• Maximum airflow: 28.1 m3/min*2
• Maximum static pressure: 861 Pa*2
• High cooling performance even in equipment with high system impedance

2.Low Noise and Energy Efficiency
• Sound pressure level: 70.5 dB(A)*3
• Power consumption: 99.8 W*3
• Maintains high airflow and static pressure while limiting noise and power consumption.

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