Bracket-mounted Centrifugal Fans


SANYO DENKI has developed and launched our new line of Bracket-mounted Centrifugal Fans in two sizes: 270 × 270 × 99 mm (San Ace C270 9B1TP type), and 270 × 270 × 119 mm (San Ace C270 9B1TS type). Both models have an air inlet integrated into the unit.


These are suitable for use in air purifiers, industrial ventilators, industrial air conditioners, inverters, ICT equipment, and heat exchangers.

They also have PWM control function as standard that enables external control of the fan rotational speed.


  • Maximizes Strengths of the Centrifugal Fan


To maximize fan performance, an air inlet needs to be precisely mounted to the fan.

Bracket-mounted centrifugal fans have an air inlet and a mounting bracket integrated into one unit. The precise assembly at our factory ensures optimized balance, helping the fan perform at its maximum potential. 

  • Easy Installation


Our centrifugal fans come equipped with an air inlet and a mounting bracket, making your installation work easy.

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