Reversible Flow Fan


SANYO DENKI Releases ø136 mm × 28 mm Reversible Flow Fan

Blows air in both directions, reduces the required number of fans


SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. has developed and launched the San Ace 136RF ø136 mm × 28 mm Reversible Flow Fan that can blow air in both directions.

This is the company’s first product that blows air in both directions.


  1. Reduces the required number of fans
  • Multiple fans are usually needed to blow air in both directions to ventilate houses, beverage vending machines, food display cases, and printers.
  • Wind direction of the fan can be switched so fewer fans are required.
  • Reduces equipment costs and saves space.
  • Rotational speed is controlled using an external PWM signal to deliver an appropriate rotational speed, reducing noise and saving energy.
  1. Same cooling performance in both directions
  • Has approximately the same airflow and static pressure in both blowing directions, so it is easy to control performance.

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