SANYO DENKI Develops 60 × 60 × 76 mm Long Life Counter Rotating Fan

This fan is suitable for cooling high-density equipment such as servers, storage devices,

networking equipment, and telecom equipment.

It also comes equipped with the PWM control function to externally control the fan speed.


1. High Static Pressure

This fan delivers a maximum airflow of 74.1 CFM and maximum static pressure of 5.62


The maximum static pressure has increased by approximately 40% compared with our current


2. Long Service Life

With an expected life of 100,000 hours (about 11 years) of continuous operation,

this fan contributes to longer maintenance-free operating periods for devices.

3. High Energy Efficiency and Low Noise

The PWM control function enables the external control of fan speed,

contributing to lowering noise and improving energy efficiency of devices.

* Based on our own research as of March 29, 2018, among equally-sized axial DC fans on the market.

** The San Ace 60L 9CRL type 60 × 60 × 76 mm Long Life Counter Rotating Fan

(model no.: 9CRL0612P0G001).


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