SANYO DENKI Launches 97 × 33 mm Splash Proof Blower With industry’s highest static pressure and airflow

SANYO DENKI has developed and released the San Ace 97W 9W1B type 97 × 33 mm
Splash Proof Blower that features an excellent IP68(1) water and dust protection. This fan
achieves the highest static pressure and airflow in the industry.(2) It is suitable for cooling and
ventilation applications that require high reliability even in harsh environments.
It also comes with the PWM control function to control the fan speed.

1. High Static Pressure and High Airflow
This blower delivers a maximum static pressure of 2.17 inchH2O and a maximum airflow of 38.5
Blowers can send out straight airflow with high static pressure,
making them suitable for localized and spot cooling applications.
2. Water and Dust Resistance
Its IP68-rated(1) water and dust protection ensures stable fan operation even in harsh
3. High Energy Efficiency and Low Noise
The PWM control function enables the control of fan speed, contributing to lowering noise and
improving energy efficiency of devices.

(1) The degree of protection (IP code) is defined by IEC 60529 (International Electrotechnical Commission).
▪ Completely protected against dust
▪ Protected against submersion in water

(2) Based on our own research as of March 26, 2019, conducted among equally-sized splash proof blowers on the market

(3) These values are for models 9W1BM12P2H001 and 9W1BM24P2H001

Expected life: 40000 hours (indoors, L10 life: 90% survival rate for continuous operation, in free air at 60˚C, rated voltage)

Cooling of commercial kitchen equipment, ventilation systems, and battery packs

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