SANYO DENKI New 175 mm x 69 mm Centrifugal Fan Released


SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace C175 9TGA type

ø175 mm × 69 mm Centrifugal Fan. It features the industry’s highest airflow. *1

It is suitable for use in ICT equipment, large-scale inverters, refrigeration units, dust collectors, and

air conditioners.

It also has PWM control function as standard that enables external control of the fan rotational



1High Airflow and Static Pressure

• Maximum airflow: 17.6 m3/min*2

• Maximum static pressure: 1,100 Pa*2

Provides efficient cooling for devices

2Low Noise and High Energy Efficiency

Its PWM control function enables external control of the fan rotational speed, contributing

to lower noise and higher energy efficiency of devices.

*1 Information based on our own research as of August 18, 2016, collected among the same size centrifugal fans for industrial use.

*2 The values are for the 9TGA48P0G001 model


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