SANYO DENKI Releases 97 × 33 mm Blower

SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace B97 9BMC type 97 × 33 mm blower. It features

the industry’s highest airflow and static pressure.*

It is suitable for servers, power supplies, printers, copy machines, air purifiers, house ventilation

devices, and fuel cells.

This fan also has the PWM control function as standard that enables to externally control the rotational

speed of the fan.


1. High Airflow

The maximum airflow has increased by 15% compared with our current model.**

2. High Static Pressure

The maximum static pressure has increased by 50% compared with our current model.**

3. Low Noise and High Energy Efficiency

The PWM control function enables the external control o

of fan speed, contributing to lower noise

and higher energy efficiency of devices.

* Based on our own research as of May 25, 2017, among equally sized axial blowers in the market.

** New model 9BMC12P2G001 compared with our current blower model 9BMB12P2K01, 97 × 33 mm San Ace B97 9BMB type .


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